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Join the food rescue initiative


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We help sell unsold food

Income from loss

Instead of making a loss, you gain income by selling unsold food

It's free to join

Registration is completely free, quick and easy

Quick and easy to use

Just upload your package, the system handles everything automatically. No extra work needed.


For bakeries and confectioneries

Do you often have baked goods left over at the end of the day? Sell without extra work! What's left goes into the packages, so it doesn't cannibalize your business.



For restaurants and hotels

We help sell the remaining food with a flexible, automated system. All your colleagues have to do is hand out the food package to the customers.



For shops

You can simply sell your short-term products without any obligation. Get regular customers easily!



I am proud that we were among the first to join the food rescue. I congratulate the Founders for being able to reach so many people in a short time and for bringing the "idea of food rescue" to life in the country! Furthermore, we would also like to thank the Food Rescuers for their trust and the many positive feedbacks!

Fundelius Péter


Frequently asked Questions

Munch is a platform through which restaurants, bakeries, shops and hotels sell unsold but high-quality food at a discount. With, you can easily prevent food waste by eating good food - at a good price! is accessible from the browser and using the phone application - we are constantly developing these based on feedback to make saving food as easy as possible for you!

Munches are packages that contain surprise food. These packages can be sold at a 40-70% discount. Any unsold but high-quality food can be added to the Munch you create.

When upload a Munch, you give yourself the opportunity to sell a product that would otherwise go to waste and thus generate a loss. Selling Munch balances your lost revenue while offering PR value, as being on the platform shows that your business is committed to reducing waste.

Not at all! Joining and uploading Munch is completely free for our partners. The maintenance and development of our platform is covered by a low commission on sold packages. In addition, we charge a transaction fee for every Munch sold.

It's just a few clicks! Our partners and their employees can specify the number of packages they can sell that day through a dedicated dashboard.

No! Participants are offered as many packages as they want! The platform should only be used when there is excess food left.

It is possible to make a package available at any time, but we recommend that it be done at least 3 hours before the pick up time, so that customers have time to plan their arrival.

It's up to the partners! Anything that hasn't been sold but is still fresh and edible can go in. It is even possible to top up a package in advance if it is expected that there will be leftovers. The guideline is to have a minimum devaluation of 40% compared to the original price of the products.

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